Pioneering the future of satellites

Every day, Pioneers are developing new technologies and applications to improve our lives on Earth from space.

These Pioneers integrate their new technologies into shoe-box sized satellites, fast and inexpensive to produce.

Once sent into orbit, the benefits made possible by CubeSats are considerable

- improving agricultural crop

- improving our understanding of climate change

- improving access to relief in humanitarian crises

- and much more

Made possible by the miniaturization of electronic components,

the CubeSat standard is the spearhead of the NewSpace revolution.

A CubeSat unit is a 10x10x10 cm cube, called 1U, and weighing less than 1,33Kg

Unfortunately, no launcher can deliver a dedicated launch service to CubeSat operators

as they are designed to lauch hundreds of kilograms, if not thousands, into orbit.

CubeSats operators are therefore forced to launch their satellites in piggy-back rides, as a secondary payload.

This has the consequence of depriving the operators of the choice of the launch date, of the intended orbit, while considerably increasing the waiting time.

Space Cloud

Dedicated launch service

Venture Orbital Systems' goal is to offer a simple, efficient and responsive launch service dedicated to CubeSats operators.

Zephyr is a small launcher with a 35 kg polar orbit capacity, offering a tailor-made service. VOS offers many launch opportunities, decreasing the waiting time, while also letting the operators choose the best launch window and the best orbit for their needs.

We want to offer the CubeSats operators the launch service they’ve always deserved to develop their activities.