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Venture Orbital Systems announces the creation of about one hundred jobs in the space industry in Reims

Venture Orbital Systems, is moving its Paris headquarters and activities to Reims.


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Venture Orbital Systems wins a €50,000 R&D contract from the French Space Agency.

Venture Orbital Systems will be able to accelerate the development of its fully 3D printed rocket engine thanks to the financial and technical support from CNES, following the R&D Pitch Day Challenge.


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Industrial partnership between Venture Orbital Systems and ESTACA

Venture Orbital Systems signs an industrial partnership with ISAE-ESTACA, in order to develop its industrial relations, create an internship program for future aerospace engineers, and develop joint projects.


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Partnership between V.O.S. and ESO to test the Aurora Liquid Engine

Venture Orbital Systems is financially supporting the Aurora Liquid Engine project to build the propellant tanks needed to fire the very first one-piece, 3D-printed, student engine, in Vernon.